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What if each element had a spiritual identity and
shared traits of that identity in how it behaved scientifically?


The Table... and all the data points describing countless quantifiable aspects of the elements establish an array of seemingly random numerical data points. These are meaningful to scientists and others working with the elements. But what if they also contained a divine code tied directly to Scripture and creation, itself?

Hint: even the background relates...


The Bible... God's Holy Word, as divinely inspired through Man in the Old and New Testaments, the basis and history of Jewish and Christian faiths, and a tie to the Islamic faith, all worshiping the same God of Abraham. Written in dead languages, its precise meanings are concretely known. It was written with great care, and within it, we find Bible code, Bible numerology, also a kind of code, and prophesies Man has seen come true even in our time.


Bible Code...  The ancient Hebrew texts of the Old Testament have been found to contain coded information able to identify things in the future, such as the life and assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, or the comet that struck Jupiter in 1964. Some think it is the Book of Life 'written in heaven,' which lists all those who will go to heaven. If God can create this kind of code within the Bible, where else might he have put code?

 The number 12 God's people, or God's elect, as in12 tribes of Israel, where 12 = 3 life x 4 complete, or 2 union x 6 man, and sums to 3 life

Bible Numerology... part of early science, evolved in two occult paths, where 'occult' means (for both) 'hidden, esoteric,' and for one, dark uses forbidden by the Bible, but for Bible numerology, something to be studied and able to reveal much affirming God's Word in ways almost as astounding as Bible Code.

The dreamer... privacy and security author/consultant, and Founder of the Free Will Society, who spent nearly a decade or so pondering and researching a theory... that creation of the physical world is somehow, through the Periodic Table, directly a mirror of the the spiritual world of God and his host of angels. As a well known Greek gnostic philosopher had once stated, "As above, so below."

Hermes Trismegisus, Helenistic Period

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The dream was realized... through what seemed like divine inspiration: a means to show hydrogen was the atomic avatar of God, the Father, the Alpha and our creator. So follows then, that the last element was the Omega: oganesson, and that a triune God would require that helium was for Christ, and Lithium for the Holy Spirit. The first three elements of the Table were pre-existent before Science's 'Big Bang,' developed before the existence of oganneson was even proven. The question was, where are the fingerprints, if this be so?

Using some of the same tools deemed science in the ancient past, it was in time discovered that it was the elemental data, itself, which held the keys to unlocking the truth, not just of creation, but the why and how of the way the elements perform and interact the way they do, in science and industry. These pages are the first online glimpses into the method of decodification which reveals the finger-prints of divine intention, and portends a means for unifying science and faith in those topics where they disagree... of advancing the state-of-the art in science... and of great evangelical value to all

A patent... is to be filed on the Method, with all licensing fees or other profits to aid the Society, and one of its Sponsors, The College of Metaphysical Studies. Donations are also appreciated by the Society. And, there is a need for, and there are opportunitie$ in custom software marketable to researchers wishing to employ the Method.

H. Michael Sweeney, Founder, The Free Will Society

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